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## Login and check the CSRF Token

Both scripts are interacting with the REST API of an Aruba EdgeConnect Orchestrator, but they use different libraries to achieve the same result.

  1. The first script uses the pyedgeconnect library to interact with the Orchestrator. It creates an Orchestrator object with the IP address or FQDN of the Orchestrator, and the username and password of an account with API access. Then it logs in to the Orchestrator, retrieves a list of appliances, prints the list, and logs out.

  1. The second script uses the requests library to interact with the Orchestrator. It creates a Session object, sends a POST request to log in to the Orchestrator with the provided username and password, retrieves a list of appliances with a GET request, prints the content of the response, and sends a GET request to log out of the session. The headers of the requests include an X-XSRF-TOKEN that was obtained from the Orchestrator after logging in.

In both scripts, verify_ssl=False is used to disable SSL certificate verification for simplicity. We do not recommend this for production environments.

## apiKey

The script enables one to login to thier Orchestrator instance and is able to create and API key, retrieve an API key and also print the API key to console. You will need to make sure you are using pyedgeconnect.

## Login and retrieve and print API Key