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Aruba EdgeConnect supports multiple integration points to support both northbound monitoring as well as southbound configuration & provisioning of the SD-WAN. The set of APIs and management protocols that comprise EdgeConnect integration strategy enables customers to achieve extensive automation and integration with a number of external partner Operation support (OSS) or Business support (BSS) systems as well as general-purpose IT systems.

For example through APIs, customers can:

  • Aggregate alarms and events across the SD-WAN into Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) or fault monitoring platforms

  • Gather and monitor performance statistics on SD-WAN resources and services

  • Enable workflow automation through various configuration APIs

  • Discover network topology for building alarm correlation intelligence

Aruba offers multiple integration levels, depending on the scope and type of information or control that is enabled.

These levels include:

  • **Appliance level:** this reference point applies natively offered network management protocols and/or fine-granular information that is only stored locally on the appliances.

  • **Orchestrator level:** this reference point provides an SD-WAN fabric-wide view that encompasses not just the EdgeConnect appliances under its purview, but also access to resources and network-level information maintained at the Orchestrator level, such as topology, Business Intent Overlays, and application policies.

  • **Orchestrator-SP and Orchestrator Global Enterprise level:** for multi-tenant or multi-fabric SD-WAN deployments customers may leverage Orchestrator-SP or Orchestrator Global Enterprise to help them manage these deployments. In those situations, customers can access APIs at the Orchestrator-SP and Orchestrator Global Enterprise level to gain visibility and control over their multi-tenant environments.