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Monitoring Orchestrator health involves both Orchestrator KPIs that Orchestrator monitors as well as Linux server monitoring tools natively offered by the hypervisor.

The metrics that Orchestrator can provide which are of use include:

  1. **Orchestrator Health & Reachability**

  2. **Orchestrator Heap Status**

  3. For disk space usage, Orchestrator generates 2 alarms based on how much disk space is remaining. The two alarms to look out for include: a. WARNING: Disk partition {0} is more than {1}% used (generated when 70% disk is utilized) b. **MAJOR**: Disk partition {0} is dangerously full - {1}% used (generated when >90% of disk is utilized.

  4. For the following resource utilization metrics, it is suggested that Linux monitoring tools be used, such as those offered through the hypervisor where the VM resides or used by your IT for Linux server monitoring a. Total and Used memory b. CPU utilization c. Swap space d. Disk utilization

**Note** For Orchestrator VM deployments, CPU & memory must be reserved for the virtual machine.