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Endpoint definitions for Aruba EdgeConnect Orchestrator REST APIs changed in Orchestrator 9.3.0, which required users to update endpoint definitions in their Orchestrator REST API scripts. To reduce the magnitude of change required, Orchestrator 9.3.1 has introduced the capability to enable RBAC Legacy API Support and continue using your existing Orchestrator REST API scripts for a specific list of frequently used commands.

## How do I enable the pre-9.3 (Interop) API support?

  • To enable Interop API support on self-hosted Orchestrators, navigate to Orchestrator > Software & Setup > Setup > Advanced Properties and set the enableLegacyApisSupport property value to True.

  • To enable Interop API support on Orchestrator as a Service (OaaS) changing requires a support case with TAC.

**NOTE:** It is recommended that you restart the Orchestrator during a maintenance window.

Orchestrator Advance Properties: enableLegacyApisSupport

Orchestrator Advanced Properties: enableLegacyApisSupport

Orchestrator ReleaseEnable Legacy API support (True/False)APIs Supported (Pre / Post 9.3.0)RBAC supported?
9.2 and lowerN/APre 9.3.0NO
9.3.0N/APost 9.3.0YES
9.3.1falsePost 9.3.0YES
9.3.1truePost 9.3.0 + Interop Orchestrator 9.3 API listYES

## Will the RBAC filter still be applied to the Interop Orchestrator REST API endpoints?

  • Starting with 9.3.0, RBAC is applied to all API endpoints

  • Starting with 9.3.1, RBAC is applied to all API endpoint; includes post 9.3 API and Interop (Pre-9.3) Orchestrator API endpoints.

## What if the API endpoint I am using in my pre-9.3 code is not in the list below?

  • A new API endpoint (_rbac/legacyApi_) has been introduced to add a new Interop API pattern that is not already in the Interop list (see Pre 9.3 API Endpoints). You must test and verify that the new pattern in the database does not create issues.

**NOTE:** REST request performance will be impacted due to increased latency in request filtering and routing of Interop REST APIs. It is recommended that all scripts be modified to adapt to the new Orchestrator 9.3 REST API endpoints. For a complete list of the new Orchestrator 9.3 REST API endpoints [go here](🔗).

## Interop Orchestrator 9.3 API List

**The table below is a list of Pre 9.3 APIs which are now available in 9.3.1 when the Advance setting _enableLegacyApisSupport_ is set to True.**

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