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BigPanda (Beta)

The UXI data push for BigPanda is a beta feature and enables you to see your issue data or incident data in BigPanda. You can sign up to test this beta feature by contacting support. The integration with BigPanda makes use of the BigPanda Open Integration Manager. https://docs.bigpanda.io/docs/open-integration-manager

Benefits of sending UXI incident data to BigPanda – Incident data is available only for dashboards that use Incident Detection. Using the incident data provides fewer notifications, as you are only notified when incidents are created and resolved. However, incidents evolve over time, and you do not get the underlying details of issues within the incident. Each incident has a unique incident identifier you can use to track when the incident is opened and resolved. All the fields are described in the incident schema.

Benefits of sending UXI issue data to BigPanda – Issue data provides more notifications as you are notified of every issue and state transition (created, updated, resolved). However, issue data provides the most detail to see which specific sensors are experiencing the problems. Each issue has a unique issue uid you can use to track when the issue is created and resolved. All the fields are described in the issue schema.

What’s Next

For configuration you can refer to our help article here: