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Splunk (Beta)

Before you begin, please be aware the Splunk data push works well, but has a different retry mechanism than the other destinations. As a result, the Splunk data push does not go into the error state if there is an error. It will always show as running in the UXI dashboard whether it is successful or not. The Splunk integration is available for Beta testing and you can request to join the beta through support. Contact: [email protected]

Data Push Destinations - Splunk (Beta)
Selecting the Splunk destination will send your test result data or issue data to your Splunk database. Each test result or issue will be represented as an event in Splunk. The data is sent from the UXI VPC located in AWS US-WEST-2. It is recommended to use either the Splunk cloud, Splunk AMI on AWS or other cloud provider. If your Splunk is on prem, it would require you to route the traffic accordingly. This integration has only been tested Splunk on 9.0.0, but should work on version 7.1 or better.

The UXI data push makes use of the Splunk HTTP Event Collector (HEC).

What’s Next

For configuration you can refer to our help article here: