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REST API filtering

This information is also available in the ClearPass 6.9 Guest documentation available at under Administration > API Services > REST API_FIltering

JSON Filter Syntax

No filter, matches everything


Field is equal to "value"


Field is one of a list of values

{"fieldName":["value1", "value2"]}
{"fieldName":{"$in":["value1", "value2"]}}

Field is not one of a list of values

{"fieldName":{"$nin":["value1", "value2"]}}

Field contains a substring "value"


Field is not equal to "value"


Field is greater than "value"


Field is greater than or equal to "value"


Field is less than "value"


Field is less than or equal to "value"


Field matches a regular expression (case-sensitive)


Field matches a regular expression (case-insensitive)

{"fieldName":{"$regex":"regex", "$options":"i"}}

Field exists (does not contain a null value)


Field is NULL


Combining filter expressions with AND

{"$and":[ filter1, filter2, ... ]}

Combining filter expressions with OR

{"$or":[ filter1, filter2, ... ]}

Inverting a filter expression

{"$not":{ filter }}

Field is greater than or equal to 2 and less than 5

{"fieldName":{"$gte":2, "$lt":5}}
{"$and":[ {"fieldName":{"$gte":2}}, {"fieldName":{"$lt":5}} ]}

Examples of some commonly used filters:
Retrieve active session for a given username

  "filter": {
    "username": "[email protected]",
    "acctstoptime": {"$exists": false}

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REST API filtering

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