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Orchestrator Level Integration Points

At the Orchestrator level, a different set of APIs are available for integration, depending on the integration use-case scenarios.

  • Orchestrator Notification Service: this is a single point of integration for all alarm notifications from the Orchestrator including the alarms generated by appliances that are aggregated by this Orchestrator.
HTTPConfigurable, with the default of TCP port 80
HTTPSConfigurable, with the default of TCP port 443
SyslogConfigurable, with the default of UDP port 514
KafkaConfigurable TCP port, No default specified – user must configure port number in URL.
  • Orchestrator REST API: Orchestrator supports a complete set of REST APIs for managing the full lifecycle of appliances, as well as managing Orchestrator itself. The Orchestrator API is comprised of both REST APIs that are handled locally by Orchestrator as well as a pass-through API for redirecting certain REST requests directly to any individual appliance. Most operations can be handled by the Orchestrator REST API itself, but for any data that is managed locally by the appliance itself, Orchestrator supports access to that data via the pass-through appliance REST API.
  • YAML Config: Orchestrator supports the capability to define appliance-level configuration files using YAML. The primary use-case for YAML is to pre-configure an appliance ahead of actual deployment, and thus before the appliance is discovered & managed by Orchestrator. YAML is not an integration protocol but is associated with defining the configuration of an appliance using a structured data approach, and thus is included here as an integrated access point. YAML preconfiguration is well suited for customers or service providers who are seeking to accelerate the deployment of EdgeConnect or who want a programmatic way to configure appliances without having to learn the REST API.