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New information such as updates or releases regarding EdgeConnect SD-WAN API's

In Orchestrator release 9.3, all Aruba EdgeConnect Orchestrator REST API endpoint definitions have changed. These API endpoint changes are not backward compatible with the Orchestrator release prior to 9.3. Before upgrading to 9.3, you must code review every Orchestrator REST API and update all endpoint definitions. This includes reviewing the following items that may consume the APIs:

  • Custom scripts
  • Third-party tools
  • Applications including internal applications

Upgrading to Orchestrator 9.3

Before upgrading to Orchestrator release 9.3, you must code review and update any existing scripts to use the new endpoint definitions to ensure the code works as expected.

If you don’t plan to upgrade to Orchestrator release 9.3 now, no action is required. However, Aruba recommends that you code review and update any existing custom scripts using the new endpoint definitions to prevent potential issues when upgrading to Orchestrator release 9.3 or later.

The table below shows an example for some of the API updates:

MethodOld API endpointquery parameterNew API endpointnew query parameterexample
GETappliance/{nepK}/{url}N/Arest/appliance- nePk (string) - url (string)appliance?nePk=1574.NE&url=securityMaps
GETacls/{neId}neId (string)rest/acls?nePk (string)rest/acls?nePk=1804.NE
POSTdeployment/validateDiscovered/{nePk}nePk (string)deployment/validateDiscovereddiscoverApplianceId (string)deployment/validateDiscovered?discoverApplianceId=345
DELETEgms/appliance/preconfiguration/{preconfiId}preconfigId (string)gms/appliance/preconfigurationpreconfigId (integer)appliance/preconfiguration?preconfigId=35

For additional information regarding Orchestrator and the EdgeConnect appliance API endpoints please visit Aruba EdgeConnect REST API section.

The REST API Table Mapping can be viewed on the Rest API 9.3 Table page for reference. We will continue to update the document so it is not the final version.

For any questions, issues, or help please email us at [email protected]

New Orchestrator 9.3 Deployments

Starting with Orchestrator release 9.3, all RestAPI documentation will be available, including change logs and APIs. Please familiarize yourself with the release notes.

What’s Next

After testing and validating your endpoints, you can proceed to the About section of Orchestrator and ECOS API endpoints for 9.3.