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Getting Started with pyclearpass

What is Python

Python is a high-level programming language that is used widely across various disciplines. Highly regarded for its simplified syntax, beginner-friendliness, and abundance of third-party libraries, Python is among the most popular programming languages in the world. The networking community especially embraces Python due in no small part to extensive vendor support as well as a low barrier of entry for getting started with automation and scripting.

What is pyclearpass

Aruba pyclearpass has been developed in Python v3.9 to utilise the full functionality of the Aruba ClearPass REST API environment. Each available REST API command is available for use in this module. All responses from the ClearPass API are in JSON format and any interactions with the API are logged within the Audit Viewer.

The pyclearpass package is compatible with Python 3.9 and upwards. Any version lower than this is not supported

Available pyclearpass Functionality

The following describes the available top level functionality of the ClearPass API available within the Python Package.

  • Operations
  • Certificate Authority
  • Endpoint Visibility
  • Enforcement Profile
  • Global Server Configuration
  • Guest Actions
  • Guest Configuration
  • Identities
  • Insights
  • Integrations
  • Local Server Configuration
  • Logs
  • Platform Certificates
  • Policy Elements
  • Session Controls
  • Tools and Utilities

ClearPass Server Readiness

These steps list the configuration required on the ClearPass server:

  1. Create a new API Client within the ClearPass Guest Portal from ClearPass Guest > Administration > API Services > API Clients

    • client id = demo

    • enabled

    • Operating Mode = Rest API

    • Operator Profile = Pick one with appropriate permission level or make a new one. "API Guest Operator" is the default profile that provides default set of permissions for API operator

    • Grant Type = client credentials

    • Access Token Lifetime: 8 Hours

  2. If you have selected Grant Type as password, make sure you have the API service enabled within policy manager Services . You may use the service template "OAuth2 API User Access" to help you do this.

  3. Optional but preferred, a valid SSL certificate

If you need information, refer to the ClearPass configuration documentation for the API account

Package Contents

|  pyproject.toml
|  README.md
|  setup.py
|  |  _init__.py
|  |  api_apioperations.py
|  |  api_certificateauthority.py
|  |  api_endpointvisibility.py
|  |  api_enforcementprofile.py
|  |  api_globalserverconfiguration.py
|  |  api_guestactions.py
|  |  api_guestconfiguration.py
|  |  api_identities
|  |  api_insight.py
|  |  api_integrations.py
|  |  api_localserverconfiguration.py
|  |  api_logs.py
|  |  api_platformcertificates.py
|  |  api_policyelements.py
|  |  api_sessioncontrol.py
|  |  api_toolsandutilities.py
|  |  common.py
|  |  pyclearpass-1.0.3.tar.gz
|  |  pyclearpass-1.0.3-py3-none-any.whl