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Enhanced network operating system for today’s digital workplace


ArubaOS is the network operating system for Aruba Mobility Conductor, Managed Devices and conductor-managed campus access points (APs). With industry-leading software innovation, ArubaOS is engineered to deliver enterprise grade performance and mission-critical reliability for
enterprise deployments of all sizes

AOS 8 architecture introduced the Mobility Conductor (MCR) as the central point of configuration and monitoring. Here's a typical Enterprise Network topology that shows an MCR managing multiple Managed Devices (MD) that terminate Access Points. The configuration for all the MDs and access points is done through the MCR, simplifying configuration by not having to manage every MD individually.


Typical enterprise network topology using ArubaOS 8 Wireless LAN

Prior to ArubaOS, the only way a MCR/MD was configured was using command line interface (CLI) or the web user interface (WebUI). With AOS 8 Application Programming Interface (API) was introduced. This created a much needed opportunity for API based automation for Aruba'a AOS 8 based Wireless LAN . Although CLI still continues to be a popular interface for network automation due to existing environments. The AOS 8 API is available on the Mobility Conductor, which is the centralized configuration point. Both API or CLI based network automation can be performed at the Mobility Conductor to effectively manage configuration on the Managed Devices.

ArubaOS 8 Introduced a novel way of configuration management across Mobility Conductors and Managed Devices using the concept of Hierarchical Management. It is important to understand this configuration design to simplify and automate configuration management.

What’s Next

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