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Showcommand API

In this section we will see how to use the showcommand API. This type of API is used for obtaining an output of regular CLI show commands using API. Most of the show commands present a well structured JSON response.

Syntax for a GET request using cURL to use show commands over API:

curl --insecure -b "aruba-cookie" -X GET -i 'https://<mcr-ip>:4343/v1/configuration/showcommand?command=<show-command>&UIDARUBA=<session-token>'



--insecure or -k option can be used with the cURL command if the certificate of the Mobility Conductor cannot be validated
-b is used to read the cookie from "aruba-cookie" file
-i is used to include protocol headers in the output

Description of user-specific values used in the cURL example


cURL values - Showcommand

Showcommand API Request

Request URL:

Request Query Params:
command =

Request Method:

Request Headers:
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Cookie: SESSION=

Request Payload:


Sample response for showcommand API request:

  "Vlan Status": [
      "AAA Profile": "N/A",
      "Adminstate": "Enabled",
      "IPAddress": "",
      "Mode": "Regular",
      "Nat Inside": "Disabled",
      "Operstate": "Up",
      "Option-82": "Disabled",
      "PortCount": "1",
      "Ports": "GE0/0/0",
      "VlanId": "198"
  "_meta": [
    "Nat Inside",
    "AAA Profile",



Mostof the showcommand API response will give structured JSON response.