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Github Repositories

  • aoscx-ansible-role and aoscx-ansible-collection are our two Github repositories containing the same AOS-CX modules, just bundled differently. The former utilizes the role structure and the latter the collection structure. Both the role and the collection are distribution formats that facilitate straightforward installation.
  • aoscx-ansible-dcn-workflows is our Github repository containing workflows for AOS-CX in the Data Center. These workflows utilize Ansible playbooks and the AOS-CX DCN Inventory Plugin to provision a set of AOS-CX switches to configure a data center fabric.
  • aos-switch-ansible-collection is our Github repository containing the AOS-Switch Collection which includes REST API Ansible modules and SSH CLI modules for AOS-Switch.


More Resources!

  • Airheads Developer Community: The Airheads Developer Community is a forum frequented by both community contributors and Aruba employees. This is the place to pose any automation questions you have!

  • CERTIFIED INTEGRATION: ANSIBLE AND ARUBA: Let Aruba’s modern database-driven network operating system automate and simplify your IT operations.

  • Official Ansible Documentation: You'll find the official Ansible documentation here. This is an excellent resource and probably the first place you'll want to look if you need help with Ansible.

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