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AOS-CX Swagger UI

Utilizing the built-in API Documentation

Each AOS-CX device comes with a built-in with a graphical web interface to explore and try out the REST API with that particular device. This web interface is built on the Swagger framework, which allows the user to see all available API endpoints and the HTTP methods available for each endpoint. The Swagger web UI also allows users to test out the API by executing requests directly through the browser.

For devices supporting both versions of the REST API, there are two UIs, one for each version. To access the Swagger interface(s): log into the switch's web interface and then click the Settings gear on the upper-right hand corner, and then click on either "API" (for the v1 API) or "V10.04 API" as seen circled here:


Accessing the Swagger interface from the AOS-CX Switch Web UI

Here is a tutorial for using the Swagger UI for the v1 API: