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Installing Aruba's AOS-CX NAPALM drivers

Instructions for installing the AOS-CX NAPALM drivers

Before installation, users may want to create a Python virtual environment in order to isolate this Python project and it's dependencies. Instructions in creating a Python virtual environment and more information can be found on this page

Base Installation for Linux

The recommended way that users can start base installation of NAPALM is through pip (as pip3).

pip3 install napalm


As of release 3.0.0+, NAPALM offers support for Python 3.6+ only

Base Installation for Windows 10

Due to some support issues with dependencies, when NAPALM was updated to version 3, it created issues with Windows 10 installations. Until those dependencies are resolved, it would be safe to install with NAPALM version 2.5.0

python -m pip install napalm==2.5.0


The specific dependencies that are causing issues are fcntl and clitable, which are called through textfsm.

Installing the AOS-CX Community Driver

Similarly, users can install the AOS-CX NAPALM community driver through pip3.

pip3 install napalm-aruba-cx

Alternatively, AOS-CX NAPALM drivers can be manually installed if the directories are copied into the NAPALM folder.
If installing manually, the user also must then edit the _SUPPORTED_DRIVERS.py files in the 'napalm' folder where you installed NAPALM to include "aoscx" in the list.



As listed in the requirements.txt file, the AOS-CX NAPALM driver makes use of the AOS-CX REST interface, so these dependencies are also installed.


AOS-CX NAPALM Current Support Functionality

Function NameDescription
get_arp_tableGet the ARP table from a device.
get_bgp_neighborsGet the BGP Neighbors from a device.
get_bgp_neighbors_detailGet a detailed BGP neighbor from a device.
get_configGet configuration from the device.
get_factsGet the version, serial number, vendor, model, and uptime from a device.
get_interfacesGet list of interfaces from a device.
get_interfaces_ipGet list of interface IP addresses from a device.
get_lldp_neighborsGet the list of LLDP Neighbors from a device.
get_lldp_neighbors_detailGet LLDP Neighbor details from a device.
get_mac_address_tableGet the MAC Address table from a device.
get_ntp_serversGets NTP information from a network device.
get_route_toShows an IP route on a device.
get_snmp_informationGet the SNMP information of a device.
is_aliveCheck to see if the connection to the device is up.
pingExecute a ping command from the device.