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External Notification and Reporting Mechanisms

NAE can make API requests, allowing the engine to query or send information to other REST-enabled software or devices. It can also harness the power of Python libraries. Using a library like smtplib for example, you could do something along the lines of sending out an email containing troubleshooting data whenever an issue occurs.

Available Scripts Featuring External Integration

The script is programmed to automatically create a ticket in ServiceNow whenever there is a configuration change on the switch.
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Email Notification
The script notifies a mailing list when a configuration change occurs. It places a diff showing the configuration changes in the body of the email.
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The script alerts the user when system configuration changes and creates a ticket in TOPdesk®. The ticket contains the diff showing the configuration changes, along with other details.
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The script copies the running-configuration on the switch to a TFTP server whenever there is a configuration change.
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