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Example Workflows and Use Cases

NAPALM is used by different tools and frameworks to interact with network switches from multiple vendors.
The subpages in this section go over various ways that NAPALM is integrated with applications and automation, with examples to help get started.

Validation Examples

Many of the workflows or use cases involve automation that can validate for changes across these different switches. Here are a few examples of using NAPALM for validation. Note that these examples would work for any vendor's system with NAPALM support, including AOS-CX.

  • Use NAPALM get methods prior to making changes on a system, and after changes to make sure it had the intended results.
  • Schedule NAPALM methods to periodically check system health.
  • After running an Ansible playbook, use NAPALM to validate the state of the system.
  • Upon a StackStorm event condition that a new link is up, use NAPALM to gather the new LLDP information to be used in further actions.
  • Create an automation workflow with eNMS to run NAPALM services before and after each step to validate each leg of the automation flow is functioning properly.

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Example Workflows and Use Cases

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