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Hardware Device Health

The Hardware Device Health script monitors overall hardware device health using the Temperature Sensor, Fan Sensor, and Fault Finder scripts. When any of the monitors trigger an alert because of temperature, fan status, or ethernet status anomalies, the agent will collect relevant diagnostic information.


This script requires AOS-CX firmware version 10.04.000X or later.

The Graphs

Temperature Sensor Status


Temperature Sensor Status Graph

Fan Status


Fan Status Graph

Fault Finder
The Fault Finder watches the following:

  • Rate of Interface Good Frames (measured in packets per second)
  • Rate of Rx CRC Error Packets (measured in packets per second)

Hardware Fault Finder Graph

Both of these monitors have default values set as their thresholds. The network administrator can elect to modify these parameters to adapt them for a specific network environment.


Editing the agent's parameters