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Example Workflows and Use Cases

Automating Central Workflows with Ansible

The subpages nested in this section go over workflow examples to showcase the potentiation of Aruba Central automation with the nifty Ansible technology.

Broadly speaking, workflows can be divided into two categories: initial deployment, and incremental updates. Together, these two processes longitudinally cover the entire scope of device configuration operations.

Initial Deployment and Provisioning

Initial deployment workflows provision new devices, bringing them online and making them functional. With Central, this involves making sure that devices are associated to groups that contain appropriate, applicable configuration information, as well as creating the requisite configuration information in those groups.

See Deploying Devices for details.

Incremental Config Updates

Incremental configuration update workflows modify the configurations of devices that are already online in Central. With Central, this involves creating/modifying/deleting templates and variables, as well as moving devices between groups.

See Incremental Changes for details.

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Example Workflows and Use Cases

Automating Central Workflows with Ansible

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