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Aruba Central API Gateway

The API Gateway supports REST API and Streaming API as northbound interfaces for various Aruba Central services. For enabling API Gateway license, contact your Aruba sales representative.

Accessing API Gateway

API Gateway can be found under Platform Integration tab of the Organization page on Aruba Central dashboard.
Once you have logged in through the HPE Greenlake portal and entered the desired Aruba Central application, click on Organization on the Central dashboard overview.


Aruba Central Dashboard

Click on Platform Integration


API Gateway under Platform Integration



API Gateway also displays the Streaming API service. Streaming API under API Gateway tile is enabled if one of the devices in the account has an Advanced license. If the account has only Foundation license, Streaming API is not displayed as also shown in the image above.

API Gateway page provides the following for REST API,

  • Manage API client applications
  • Manage access tokens for an application
  • Link to API documentation
  • Usage based on rate limits of REST API



The number of API calls per day is dynamic and is based on the number of subscribed devices in the account. By default, the value is set to 5000 API calls per day. This rate limit can be raised by contacting your Aruba Sales Representative.