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Creating Application & Token

An application in API Gateway refers to the API client which access the RESTful API services offered by Aruba Central (REST API is a based on client-server architecture). Every API client application that needs access to the Central's REST API, should be added to the API Gateway.

Steps to create an API client application

To create an application, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Account Home page, under Global Settings, click API Gateway. The API Gateway page is displayed.
  2. Click the My Apps & Tokens tab.
  3. Click + Add Apps & Tokens.



The admin user will be able to create new apps for all the non-admin user by clicking + Add Apps & Tokens in the System Apps & Tokens tab.

  1. In the New Token pop-up window, do the following:
    a. Enter the application name. In non-admin user profile, the Application Name field contains the logged-in user name and is non-editable.
    b. In the Redirect URI field, enter the redirect URL (Optional).
    c. From the Application drop-down list, select the required application type.
    d. Click Generate. A new application is created and added to the My Apps & Tokens table An access token is also added in the Token List table.

New App and New Token pop-up window

  1. To delete the added application, click delete icon on the row corresponding to an application and click Yes to delete that application

Client ID and Client Secret

For each API Client App added to the API Gateway, unique Client ID and Client Secret will be generated. The My Apps & Tokens table (for non-admin user) OR *System Apps & Tokens** table (for admin user) displays the following details


Client ID and Client Secret is generated upon adding an application.

  • Name: Name of the application. In non-admin user profile, the Application Name field contains the logged-in user name and is non-editable. Any new tokens generated in non- admin user profile is associated with the same application name.
  • Client ID: Unique ID for each application.
  • Client Secret: Unique secret ID for each application.
  • Redirect URI: Redirect URL.
  • Application: Name of the application. For example, Network Operations.
  • Tokens: Token created for the application. The option is available to admin user profile only.
  • Created At: Date on which the application was created.



Client ID and Client Secret should be copied from here and shared with the API Client Application. It will be used during OAuth Authentication protocol to obtain Access Token via API requests.