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API Reference Guide

Aruba Central API Reference on devHub provides users with a direct interface for making API calls to Aruba Central. This provides our users with an accessible platform to explore Central APIs within the API reference guide and execute API calls with Aruba Central in real-time. Below is the steps you can follow to get started with this features:

  1. Navigate to the Aruba Central API Reference & select the API you would like to test or use.
  2. Input your Aruba Central Access Token in the Authorization field.


Generating an Access Token

You can generate an access token from:

  1. Aruba Central UI
  2. OAuth APIs (Only for Non-SSO Users) - You can use the Create Token's Postman collection runner to automate the OAuth APIs to generate an access token. You can find the steps to set-up the Runner here.
  1. Choose your Aruba Central Account’s API Base URL from the dropdown menu. This URL is determined by the geographical cluster where your Aruba Central account is registered. You can find the list of Central API Gateway URLs here.
  2. To execute the API call, click the Try It button. The API response will be displayed in the response box.
Steps to make API calls with devHub API Reference Guide

Steps to make API calls with devHub API Reference Guide