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Aruba Central Streaming Events

This section illustrates Location, Network Monitoring, Security, AppRF, Presence Analytics, and Audit events.

Supported Streaming Services

Streaming API supports the following services/Topics:

  • Audit—The Audit messages are sent to notify events like device connectivity, configuration status, and firmware status.
  • AppRF—AppRF stream is the flow of all the client sessions. For each connected devices (IAP/BGW), It lists the client's web session information of the past 14/15 minutes (Ip, Rx/Tx, client firewall session, url record, etc).
  • Monitoring—The monitoring streaming event is generated for state message (on state change) and stats message (received for every 5 minutes).
  • Presence —The Presence events consists details of all associated and unassociated clients detected by Instant AP devices. Events for each device are sent once in every 60 seconds.
  • Location—A location event is generated when the location of a client is computed using RSSI values reported by IAPs. The event message includes co-ordinates of the client on the VisualRF floorplan.
  • Security—The Security streaming event is generated when a rogue AP is detected in the network or if one of the configured IDS detections is triggered.