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Device Provisioning

PyCentral Workflow

This workflow allows users to provision & deploy device(s) in Aruba Central using a Python script that utilizes the PyCentral library. Once devices are assigned Aruba Central subscriptions, they need to be deployed to a location. This script automates that workflow.

Workflow Overview

Device Provisioning Flowchart

Device Provisioning Flowchart

Group Creation

The script creates a group on Aruba Central. A group is the primary configuration element that functions as a container for device management, monitoring, and maintenance. The group that the script creates is a CLI-based configuration template group

Upload Configuration to group

After the group is created it has to be provided with configuration. The script uploads template files that hold CLI-based configuration. The script allows each device type(for eg. AP, CX-Switch, etc.) to have one configuration file.

Move Device(s) to group

After the group is configured, devices can be moved into it. These devices will get the configuration as defined in the group.

Create a Site

While groups handle configuration, a site in Aruba Central refers to a physical location where a set of devices are installed. The script creates a site to indicate where the devices will be located.

Associate Device(s) to Site

After the site is created, the script then associates the devices to the site. This indicates to Aruba Central that the physical location of the devices.

Script's Input Files

As a user, you only need to input details in the following files before running the script

  1. central_token.json -> This file has the Aruba Central API Gateway Base URL & Access Token. These details are needed for the script to connect with Aruba Central via REST APIs. Here is a sample file - central_token.json
  2. workflow_variables.json -> This file has the following details relevant to the workflow-
    1. Group - Details of the group like name, attributes, & configuration file paths.
    2. Site - Details of the site like name & address
    3. Device - Serial number of device(s)


Sample Files

You can check out the sample files here - central_token.json & workflow_variables.json

You can find the complete script & installation instructions for this workflow here.

Please check out other Central workflows utilizing PyCentral in central-python-workflows GitHub repository.