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Use Cases | Workflows

In the era of digital transformation, automation is everything

Network operations are often executed manually, device by device. With the increase in size and complexity of the networks, this strategy often results in misconfiguration and network outages.

With the range tools available today, it is starting to become possible for businesses of all sizes to use network automation. It helps network operations to accelerate workflows, automate repetitive tasks allowing the team to work on others important tasks.

There are several use cases and workflows to automate.

Configuration using REST API

  • Periodic/Repetitive tasks.
  • Tasks done at scale (multiple devices across sites).


  • Rename multiple IAPs in a group/site
  • Deploy an entire Site
    • Create groups and sites, move devices to groups, upload template configuration for devices.

Monitoring & Alerts

  • Gather real-time data for business decisions and analytics.
  • Monitor state of devices
  • Push alerts to external application or email when an event occurs
  • Perform automated actions based on events


  • Custom Dashboard to display AppRF and Presence using streaming API
  • Polling using REST API
  • Alerts using Webhooks
    • Notify events and alerts to external application like Slack, email, etc.
    • Automated ticket filing in an app like ServiceNow

What’s Next

Jump to Python section for sample script and Postman collections to try out API using Postman