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Example Workflows

StackStorm differs from other automation tools in the sense that it was not designed for endpoint configuration or communication, but in conjunction with frameworks like Ansible or even Python, StackStorm becomes a catalyst for creating efficient and intelligent workflows. Applications of StackStorm and AOS-CX range from solving zero touch provisioning to creating a self-driving / self-healing network.

Check out the workflow guides below to see just how useful integrating StackStorm into your network automation can be.

StackStorm with AOS-CX Actions and Websocket Sensor

In the AOS-CX pack we have actions that allow us to retrieve information from an AOS-CX device. We can use those actions in combination with our PortSensor to retrieve real-time device statistics in the event that an interface goes down on our AOS-CX device. In this workflow we utilize the AOS-CX PortSensor monitors the state of a list of interfaces and in the event an interface status goes "down", an action on AOS-CX is executed to retrieve the link status of all present interfaces on the switch.

See StackStorm with AOS-CX Actions and Websocket Sensor for details.

StackStorm with Ansible and Syslog

Dynamic configurations based on device connectivity is a crucial piece to having a self-driving network. In this workflow we'll show how easy it is to execute an Ansible playbook in the event of an interface link coming up on an AOS-CX switch. The application of this workflow can vary depending on the implementation of the Ansible playbook.

See StackStorm with Ansible and Syslog for details.